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03/04/21 - Don't settle on cheaper UHMWPE helmets


Recently several customer asked why we don't carry or why they shouldn't save money and get cheaper helmets made from polyethylene (UHMWPE). They look identical to more expensive options, but costs a lot less. After all, our Level IIIA plates are made from UHMWPE.

The fact is we actually evaluated UHMWPE before we started selling aramid helmets. The simple reason is against UHMWPE is deformation. In our tests with 9mm carbines, we found the UHMWPE helmets had significant deformation, typically around 1.5" deep and 3-4" wide, distorting the helmets shape. Where as aramid helmets held the round shape after strikes, and the deformation was around 0.4-0.5" with 1.5-2" wide bump. The trauma to the head from a UHMWPE helmet will be significantly higher than a aramid helmet. 

With the best interest of our customers in mind, we decided not to carry the UHMWPE helmets.

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